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Photos from my instagram.

Noto que mi instagram se esta llenando de gatitos, ellos son tan compañeros, a donde vamos nos siguen, aunque esten durmiendo y se tengan que levantar haha, y si me quiero sacar una foto vienen al lado y se sientan, es increible el amor que brindan y lo unidos que son. Ustedes tienen gatos y/o les gustan tanto como a mi? 
No les conté pero el 14 con mi novio cumplimos 8 años, un monton! por eso es la segunda foto, la amo, por mas que mi sonrisa no sea linda haha.
Por alguna razón extraña, quizas porque es muy tarde/temprano y aunque no me simpatizen, me hice un ask, todavia no se si lo voy a usar(?) o si me va a gustar, recibo un monton de mails preguntandome sobre ropa y cosas así, así que pensé que era una buena idea y además algo más práctico.
En fín, espero que les gusten todas estas fotos y tengan un buen dia! x
I've notice that my cat's are slowly taking over my instagram, they are so genuinely companionable, they always follow us around the house, and if I'm taking pictures they come and sit by my side, is incredible the love they give. Do you have cats and/or do you like them as much as I do?
Last week it was mine and my boyfriend 8 years anniversary, it's a lot of time and I'm so happy! That's why the second photo, I love it so much, even though I don't like my smile hahah.
For some reason, maybe because it's late/early and even though I don't like them that much, I created an ask account, I receive a lot of mails asking me about clothing and stuff so I thought that maybe having an ask would be a good and practical idea.
Anyways, I hope you like these picture and have a great day! x

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  1. awesome blog! Injury I am from Poland and I don't read in english as well as I want but I follow your blog because I love your photo and your style. You make my day! xx


  2. I love cats but now I cannot have any because I don't have stable situation with my house, I'm renting a flat with my boyfriend and we don't know where we're gonna be next year... and having a pet is a great responsibility.
    Happy anniversary to you and your boyfriend, I wish you next 8 (and more!) amazing years full of love!

  3. I love this dress on the last pic! black foreeeveeer <3

  4. You two are amazing together! <3

  5. Eight years wow! Congratulations!
    I also love cats, my kitten is always wanting cuddles.


  6. Hey, I'm following your beautiful blog and I absolutely adore your style! Gorgeous pictures and congratulations on your anniversary! :) xx

    Beyond the Velvet | Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

  7. Love your air girl !!!!

  8. These are beautiful pictures. I must say that your photo with your boyfriend is my favorite. :)

    Life With Antlers

  9. Lovely photos, congrats on 8 years together! Your smile is gorgeous, such a lovely photo! Also loving all the cat photos! I don't have a cat but I do like them :) xo