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brandi foo+fashion+designer

I fell in love with Brandi's style and photos automatically when I found her on instagram and some time ago when she launched her online store I discovered she's also a talented fashion designer. I wanted to show you her works, these are some photos from her last collection called In memory of 1960s  and also I bring you a lovely interview, now I feel identified with her even more, it's great to find people with a similar point of view. ♥ 

brandi foo+fashion+designer
 Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from everywhere, but mostly peculiar stuff, anything that is strange and unusual, I love it. Picture a beautiful mystical landscape, thats the base for my ideas. Tim Burton is my muse, I binge watch his creations when I’m lost for ideas. Alexander Mcqueen and Gareth Pugh are both my fashion muse. I have been attracted to the spiritual aspects of life since I was a child and most of my design inspirations primarily grows from there. All in all, there is a sense of morbidity and macabre found in my works and I would say that makes the DNA of my label. 

What is the message you want to share through you clothes?
Hmm, I want to reach out to the uncommon people, people who feel like they are being treated differently because they do not agree with the conformity of today’s society. To tell the people who think and dress a certain way that isn’t the norm, that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Do as you will, and harm none <3. 
brandi foo+fashion+designer
 Are you self taught or did you study fashion design?
I am currently studying fashion design, graduating with a diploma next year. 

Do you design for a specific girl, or character in particular? If so, who is she?
Well, when I design with a certain theme in mind, I usually do have an “imaginative girl” image in mind. Or at times, I might watch some movies and actually imagine designing for that certain character. Examples of movie characters I had in mind before: Lux from virgin suicides, Lydia Deetz from beetlejuice, Nancy from The Craft, Abigail from The Crucible.
brandi foo+fashion+designer
What is your favourite music and which are your favourite bands?
The paper kites, Alt-J, Daughter, Angus and Julia Stone. My main favs<333

Are you more a day or night person?
Easy. I’m night.

 What is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?
Being able to express myself on the creative platform. 
brandi foo+fashion+designer
brandi foo+fashion+designer
Photos from In memory of 1960s collection

I hope you liked this post, I recommend you to check out her online store and follow her instagram and blog.


  1. great designs! love the interview as well :)

  2. Amazing!


  3. wow me ha encantado no sólo porque sus diseño son inspirados en cosas similares a las que me gustan sino porque se dirige a personas que se sienten diferentes y desconformes con la sociedad tal como yo ;) echaré un vistazo, buen post! un beso! :)

  4. I think Brandi must be a real fashion genius how cool are her pieces?!
    I just visited her online store and they're not even too expensive!
    I'm in love :)
    Great interview as well!


  5. Buenisimas <3 tu blog quedo precioso con la lavada de cara, no me acuerdo si te lo habia dicho pero nunca esta de mas!! jaja

  6. Amé. Definitivamente es genial!

    Besos Jenn!
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