My NA-KD Favorites

NA-KD, off shoulder, dress, black, lace, online shop, fashion,
NA-KD, denim jacket, girl power, fashion, online shop
NA-KD, off shoulder, choker, crop top, black, fashion, online shop
Off Shoulder Lace dress: Here
Girl Power Denim Jacket: Here
Off Shoulder Choker Crop Top: Here

NA-KD, striped dress, denim jacket, fashion, online shop
NA-KD, slip dress, fashion, online shop
NA-KD, black, slip dress, fashion, online shop
Denim Jacket: Here 
Striped Dress: Here 
Slip Dress: Here

NA-KD, fashion, black, buttoned skirt, faux suede
NA-KD, fashion, online store, mesh, crop top, pink
NA-KD, fashion, black, sweatshirt, fearless, print, online shop
A-Line Faux Suede Mini Skirt: Here
Mesh Cropped Top: Here
Fearless Sweater: Here

NA-KD, online store, fashion, black, dress
NA-KD, fashion, online shop, back lacing, high neck, dress, black
NA-KD, fashion, online store, dusty pink, basic, sweater, sweatshirt
Josephina Swing Dress: Here
Back Lacing High Neck Dress: Here
Dusty Pink Basic Sweater: Here

Since I'm back blogging I've been thinking about adding more sections to my blog, and as I love clothing why don't also share with you items, brands and shops I like? So, today I'm showing you some of my favorite NA-KD pieces, I think their clothes have that efforless feeling we all like, and are very versatile, they addapt to a lot of styles depending on how you wear them, I like that, because my style is kind of alternative but I could use any of this pieces in my own way. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love to know your opinions!
Did you know about NA-KD already? What are your favorite items?  
Desde que volví a mi blog estuve pensando en agregar mas secciones para que el contenido sea mas completo y no sean solo outfits, y como me encanta la ropa pensé que sería una buena idea mostrarles items, marcas y shops que me gusten y tengan algo especial. Hoy les muestro mis favoritos de NA-KD, tienen ropa muy linda, nada sobrecargado y además es una tienda muy versatil, las prendas se pueden adaptar a muchos estilos depende de como se usen, lo que es genial para las personas que tenemos un estilo alternativo. En fín, espero que les haya gustado este post, qué piensan? Ya conocían NA-KD?


  1. I love your choices! I would love to own this black denim jacket and faux suede A-line skirt <3

  2. I really like these items dear!
    I'm a new follower, if you want, visit my blog :)
    Nothing but Chrissi

  3. I didn't know that store, but it sounds great :) You should talk more about more brands.
    A sweet kiss
    Sara M.

    new post http://sarameirelesthesnowwhite.blogspot.pt/

  4. I just did my first order from them a few days ago.. they have good prices and FREE SHIPPING that is very important :) let's see if Im gonna like it.



  5. These items would look amazing on you <3